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Best Promotions for Live Roulette

The ‘live’ online casino experience has really taken off in the last few years and the trend originally started with Live Roulette games. ‘Live’ casino games refer to not the traditional casino experience in a physical casino but to online casino play where the player interacts with a real dealer via video feed, whilst executing via a computer or mobile device. Live Roulette has even been televised as a show on Channel 5 in the UK. So what are the best options and introductory offers available to players keen to give the ‘live’ online Roulette trend a try? Because the stakes for the live games start at higher minimum levels than those on regular fully digital online casinos start higher, more like those you would find in a real casino, the promotions on offer to attract players in can also be very tasty. Let’s see which casinos offer the best.

Betsson Casino

Betsson’s live casino offering puts you in the heart of the action from your own home with experienced, personable dealers. If you sign up to play as a completely new player to Betsson then you will receive all of the usual new player bonuses such as a first deposit match but if you sign up for a live casino account as well, or cross over to the live casino from an existing Betsson account, you will receive a free £25 credit to get you started as a live player.

Betfair Casino

As well as Live Roulette the Grosvenor Casino also offers live Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. Roulette can be played from as little as £0.10 with a table limit of £50,000 for bets which is more than enough for anyone other than the highest rollers. Blackjack starts at £3 wagers and Baccarat £1, with table limits of £5000 and £2500 respectively. New players get a £20 bonus when they sign up to play live casino games which although not quite as generous as the £25 on offer at Betfair is still a pretty good offer and has few strings attached to it.


Blowing both those offers out of the water is Eurocasino’s intro bonus for new players to the live casino. A whopping £200 is available for new players and although it is a deposit match rather than a bonus you receive independently of funds paid into your account it is still a very attractive offer.