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Live Roulette Tips

Live Roulette is a hybrid between online casino roulette and the physical experience you would have at the roulette wheel when visiting a traditional bricks and mortar casino. In online casino roulette the whole game is digitalised but in Live Roulette although you place your bets online via a computer or mobile device you are interacting with a live dealer who spins the wheel and calls the results. Live Roulette was first introduced to the UK as an interactive TV show on Channel 5, which still runs, with the concept then adopted by a number of online casinos. Players seem to enjoy the fact that the game provides a taste of a live casino experience but from the comfort of their own home and the tendency for the dealers to be extremely attractive young ladies probably doesn’t hurt. Like in every casino game having the right strategy is vital to success when you play Roulette. Here are some tips to stand you in good stead.

Have a Consistent Betting System

Casino games are essentially played for fun, at least if you are smart, but at the same time it is definitely fair to say that it’s always most fun when you win. To have the best chance possible of coming away with more money than you started with you should play Roulette with one of the good betting systems out there. There are a number of Roulette betting systems and they are based on mathematics and statistically improving your odds and do make sense. One of the most popular systems for success in Roulette that you can study up on and try is the Martingale System. There are also others though so do some research, choose one, learn its rules and take it into the game with you. You have to be patient and disciplined though. Roulette betting systems do not guarantee you will win as the odds are still in favour of the casino but if you implement them as you should they will give you the best chance you have of winning.

Play according to your bankroll and know when to quit

The more hands of Roulette you play, if you are playing a smart betting system, the better the chance you have of coming out on top. The house has an edge but it is not huge so if you play strategically you should only be at a slight disadvantage over a significant number of spins. If you just play a few spins though there is a significant chance that luck will not go in your favour. So choose a table where you can make the size of bet that your bankroll allows you to have plenty of spins. It might be exhilarating to bet your entire bankroll on a few spins but it is unlikely to often be a winning strategy. Also, set a target and get out of the game and bank your winnings if you hit it. Don’t be one of the players who is up by a good margin, keeps playing and loses everything in the end.