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Roulette Strategy – Sixty Six

Strategy might be stretching the meaning of the word a little here but Roulette players who are really in it for fun and don’t want to get all mathematical in the hope of improving their odds often have some creative ‘strategies’ for choosing the numbers they are going to bet on. Football players are known for their superstitious habits such as wearing the same underpants until their team loses, tying their boot laces in a certain way and so on. Football fans can often be just as superstitious as their heroes and I know one football, and especially England, crazy individual who uses the 1966 World Cup triumph as the inspiration for choosing his Roulette numbers. He swears it’s lucky and he has always won more than he’s lost. While those of logical disposition will likely not be quick to follow this particular strategy others who prefer to place their luck in the hands of the fates may be interested to give it a go, particularly with the World Cup again fast approaching.

Not too many of us are expecting a repeat of 1966 this year, but again, that was probably the case back then when it did happen for us and our boys came back with the Cup, so who knows. The most obvious 1966-inspired choice to place your Roulette bet on is clearly 66 but there are also a host of other related possibilities. The game kicked off at 3 pm so you could add both 3 and 15 to your lucky numbers. Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick in the game giving further support for 3 but he was also wearing the number 10 shirt which could be thrown into the mix. His goals were scored in the 18th minute followed by his second and third in extra time at 101 and 120 minutes. The latter two numbers do not appear on a Roulette wheel but 18 does. As does 78 which is the minute that Martin Peters, wearing the number 16 shirt, scored the other goal. So we can add 78 and 16 in there. A total of four goals for England, the final result was 4-2, could mean you decide to add 4 to your list.

So if you want a football-themed attempt that will appeal to a proud England fan to get lucky you could place your bets on 66, 3, 15, 10, 18, 78, 16 and 4. And even if it doesn’t bring you luck on the Roulette table, you never know, it might instead give our team that little rub of the green out in Brazil!