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Bingo Bonus

Welcome to the best bingo room in town! It’s right in the palm of your hand and offers a chance to win up to $ 10,000 right away! Just combine Caller Numbers with your card numbers to see if you win, and get ready to shout Bonus BINGO!

Ask your Lottery dealer for a $ 2 Print ‘n Play Bonus Bingo ticket or press the Print’ n Play Games button on the Gaming Machine – no playable ticket, no dialable numbers and no need to wait for a draw.

Print ‘n Play – all your favorite game casino bonuses, instant winnings!

What is Bonus Bingo?

In a traditional bingo game, the player draws combinations of letters and numbers and calls them to the set. Players cover the points on their bingo cards that match these combos. Bonus Bingo works in almost the same way.

The game will give you a list of 25 Caller Numbers. Look through your cards and circle the ones that match the Caller’s numbers. It’s like playing a real life bingo game, but it goes much faster!

The best part about playing Bonus Bingo? You can play at any time. This fun hobby is easy to fit into your schedule.

How to Win a Bonus in Bingo
Create one of 10 patterns on your card and you will win the corresponding prize. The easiest combination is a straight line. The hardest combination is to fill the outer frame of the card. This means matching 16-letter combinations.

You can play the game yourself or challenge your friends to see who gets a better card. You can even buy a few Bonus Bingo cards for someone else, such as an aunt, uncle or favorite customer. Bonus Bingo is so much fun that you want to share the game with everyone!

Where to get a Bonus Bingo ticket

Playing the lottery is easy. Find a dealer near you that sells Virginia Lottery tickets. You can find the Find a Reseller tool to see who is selling lottery games near you. Our game is easy to find and fun to play.

You can also get a Bonus from a Bingo slot machine that sells Virginia Lottery tickets. Our gaming machines offer a quick and convenient way to store all your favorite games.

Prize in bonus bingo

The harder it is to secure a win, the bigger the prize. Bonus Bingo prizes start at $ 2 to get one line and up to $ 10,000 per outer frame.

Support for K-12 training when you play Bonus Bingo
Every Virginia lottery game benefits from public education for children throughout the community. When you play lottery games, you bet hundreds of millions of dollars on the online casino that Lotto collects for K-12 training each year.